Indiana Supreme Court hears Parkview Hospital’s case

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A Fort Wayne hospital argued before the Indiana Supreme Court on Thursday.

Parkview Hospital appeared in the Indiana Supreme Court to make the case that is shouldn’t be forced to disclose what it charges insured patients or what discounts it provides, according to the Journal Gazette. 

Thomas Frost was a patient at Parkview in late 2013 for about a month after a motorcycle crash. He didn’t have insurance at the time and says the $625,000 bill wasn’t reasonable. He wants the hospital to release information about discounts given to patients who did have insurance.

A billing expert testified that Frost’s bill should have been about a third of what he was charged.


  1. My husband was a patient of Parkview Hospital for a back surgery. He was there for two days and was charged $250,000 to insurance. He was also recently there for 8 hours for a leg cath and received a explanation of benefits which cost $40,000.


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