Indiana, most states, not tracking toxic fire-foam use

("Afraid of a little forest fire?" by Staci Lichterman, CC BY 2.0)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): Indiana is among 33 states not tracking the use of a toxic firefighting foam that has spurred the military to check U.S. bases for potential groundwater contamination caused by chemicals.

The foam was likely used at airports and other sites at risk for catastrophic petroleum fires. It contains perfluorinated compounds linked to cancer and other illnesses.

Five states are tracking those chemicals and 12 others are beginning or planning to investigate them. But the 33 other states, including Indiana, are waiting federal action.

Indiana has no requirements for fire departments to report that they are using the fire-suppressing foam.

The military tested wells near northern Indiana’s Grissom Air Reserve Base last year, but those detected no signs of pollution from the foam once used there for training.


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