Indiana State Police Warn About Scammers Threatening Your Arrest

INDIANA, (WOWO): It seems as quickly as you hear about one scam it disappears and another one starts. The latest scam that's circulating involves scammers calling people, claiming to be an officer. The scammer then threatens to arrest the victim if they don’t pay fines for some fabricated crime or debt.

To make matters worse, the crooks often have some personal information about the victim.

In one case, a state police detective investigating this scam received a phone call from a scammer, claiming to work for the Indiana State Police.  The scammer proceeded to tell the detective that he had a warrant for his arrest. He explained that in order to take care of it and avoid being arrested the detective would need to buy two green dot money packs for $1,000 and then call him back with the account number.

The investigation in this case is ongoing, but more than likely it will turn into a dead end, commented Sergeant Trent Smith.

State police believe a well informed public is the best defense against scammers, and they want to remind everyone that scams increase during the holiday season.