Indiana schools get incentive to require classroom masks

Image by Juraj Varga from Pixabay

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): Indiana schools are getting an incentive toward requiring face masks in classrooms intended to slow down the number of COVID-19 outbreaks among students around the state.

Gov. Eric Holcomb issued a new statewide executive order Wednesday that will ease quarantine requirements for students if all children and adults in the school were wearing masks throughout the day.

The revised order comes as many Indiana schools have seen COVID-19 outbreaks and the state’s vaccination rate remains stubbornly low.

The coronavirus risk ratings updated weekly by the state health department put 13 of Indiana’s 92 counties in the highest-risk red category, with 75 counties with the next-highest orange rating.


  1. This is how they got countries all over the world to lockdown. US government offered financial assistance only if leaders shut there country down. It’s not about safety it about money & control.

  2. Check out the school boards in Ohio that have received huge financial COVID incentives to implement mask mandates. It’s disgusting that teacher’s unions, school boards, and politicians are abusing kids for money. Can’t say it surprises me. Homeschooling looks better all the time.


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