Indiana Republicans back partisan school boards switch

(Photo Supplied/Indiana House Republicans)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Republicans forged ahead Wednesday with a proposal that would upend the current nonpartisan school board elections across the state despite opponents of the change arguing it would further inject politics into local schools.

The Indiana House elections committee voted 6-4 along party lines to endorse a bill to establish a system allowing each of the state’s nearly 300 school boards to decide whether to require candidates to declare a political party or a voter referendum making that decision. Candidates could be required to win a party’s May primary in order to advance to the November general election ballot.

Bill supporters said they believed having candidates identified by political party would give voters more information to consider and increase transparency in what are already often politicized election races.

Some opponents argued allowing a district-by-district decision would lead to a confusing patchwork across the state and confuse voters.

A state Senate committee has not yet voted on a different proposal that would require school board candidates to identify themselves on the ballot by political party or as an independent but not have them run in party primaries.


  1. Considering what is going on around the Country today with all the Grooming and indoctrination by Democrats, and the fact that Teachers union solely back Democrats…..and this Bill passed committee along party lines means……this Bill was needed decades ago to Identify those Mentally ill Democrats infesting the school boards. I can think of a few just in Northwest Allen Co Schools….right Elizabeth Hathaway?

    THIS BILL IS GREAT!!!!….to combat the Democrats Craziness

  2. Voters and parents, hopefully the same group, need to know which party a prospective school board candidate belongs to or follows. For too long The People have been fooled by this. Long ago in Indiana school boards were appointed by elected officials. So there was some control over the likely makeup of a given school board. It is obvious, or should be, that school boards no longer reflect the typical values or desires for the education of their kids of Parents. Far too many activists that get elected to school boards are pushing policies that can only be described as pornographic and illegal to show to minors. The fox is guarding the hen house.

    I support the bill.


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