Indiana Republican Senator looking at gun control legislation

(Photo Supplied/ US Senate Photographic Studio)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WOWO): A Republican Senator from Indiana is apparently willing to bend on gun control.

Senator Dan Coats is working with colleagues looking to make it harder for known or suspected terrorists to buy guns, according to a statement his office sent the Journal Gazette.

Coats joins a number of Republicans who have implied they’d be willing to help Democrats with legislation that would deny gun sales to those on federal watch lists. The shooter in last weekend’s massacre in Orlando bought his guns legally, despite having been looked at twice by the FBI.

Coats’ office adds that he’s willing to look at such bills, as long as they “protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.”

Senate Democrats filibustered for almost 15 hours between last night and 2:11am today in an attempt to get votes for gun control measures.


  1. Not unless those lists are opened up to Due Process!!! If not, then you are breaking your oath to uphold the Constitution!!!

  2. every one seems to have forgot the family that who’s vacation was interrupted when they got to the airport to find their 4 year boy was on the no fly list. I am not sure who you can trust in this country but, I am sure the FBI in not on that list.


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