Indiana Ranks Number One in Meth Lab Seizures

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ The most recent statistics from state and federal sources suggest Indiana has moved into the nation's top spot in terms of methamphetamine lab seizures.

The new statistics show Indiana had about 1,800 meth lab incidents last year, followed by Tennessee with about 1,500. Missouri had about 1,400 _ a 25 percent drop from 2012.

But experts warn that exact numbers can fluctuate from one month to the next.
They also say Indiana residents could face a difficult choice between convenience and combatting drug crime to bring those numbers down.
One way to combat meth is to increase restrictions on purchases of pseudophedrine, a decongestant that's a major meth ingredient. One way to do that is by requiring prescriptions.
But critics say that will only inconvenience people who need the medicine.