Indiana Ranks 42nd in Rate of Uninsured Children

Indianapolis, IN – A new report finds fewer Hoosier children were without health insurance in 2014, compared to 2013. But, according to the findings from the Georgetown Center for Children and Families, Indiana’s rate of uninsured children is 7.2 percent, and higher than the national average. Caitlin Priest with Covering Kids and Families of Indiana explains the state is on the right track with the Healthy Indiana Program.

 “As HIP continues its robust enrollment that’s going to pull in with it a host of children who are going to be newly insured by a variety of programs. HIP is really going to be the bellwether of more positive change to come. “

HIP 2.0 is an alternative Medicaid expansion program. It launched in February and an estimated 337-thousand Hoosiers have signed up for coverage.