Indiana prosecutors pushing AGAINST medical marijuana

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Indiana’s county prosecutors remain vehemently opposed to any form of marijuana legalization and insist the plant “is not medicine.”

That’s according to a letter the Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys has sent to Gov. Eric Holcomb’s drug czar. It comes as state Rep. Jim Lucas of Seymour says he is “100 percent full throttle” on pursuing medical marijuana legislation.

The libertarian-leaning Republican faces long odds during the session beginning in January. But the fact that a Republican is pushing the measure marks a significant change.

The prosecutors association says those who argue that marijuana can be used as medicine are relying on “half-truths and anecdotal evidence.” But that’s at odd with scientific studies that have found marijuana can treat chronic pain and ease nausea from chemotherapy, among other medical issues.


  1. Yeah…a bunch of twits with a college degree who wouldn’t know what marijuana was if it smacked them in the face! Yeah….let’s let THEM decide what is right for US Hoosiers. I guess Vicodin and other addictive PAIN PILLS are ok….but pot is a horrible drug that ruins lives! Idiots.


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