Indiana native on space station anticipates trip home…

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ The Indiana native who’s commanding the International Space Station says he looks forward to a visit back home after he returns from his five months in orbit.
  Astronaut Kevin Ford spoke via video hookup Thursday afternoon to the Indiana Senate in the Statehouse.
  Ford wore a blue shirt with a large Indiana flag emblem during his 20-minute conversation. He’s from the Blackford County city of Montpelier and his older brother, David, was a state senator when he died of cancer in 2008.
  Seventh-grader Kelli Neff of Montpelier asked Ford what he looked forward to doing when he returned from space. Ford drew laughs by saying he missed not being able to take a shower for the past three months on the space station.

A recording of today’s conversation with Commander Ford will be available after 6 p.m. EST at