Indiana National Guardsman Expected to Plead Guilty in Federal Court

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): The Indiana National Guardsman stopped for speeding with several explosive devices in his vehicle is expected to plead guilty in federal court. 

Andrew Boguslawksi is likely to be in court on April 1st to formally enter a guilty plea to possession of unregistered destructive devices. He could face a decade in prison.


According to court documents, Boguslawski had a total of 13 devices in his vehicle when an Ohio state highway patrol trooper pulled him over on I-70 west of Columbus for speeding on New Year‘s Day. Weapons were also found in the vehicle. Boguslawski‘s attorney claims that his client wasn‘t going to hurt anyone and simply had the devices for training.


An Indiana National Guard spokesperson says Boguslawski is still in the Guard until the case is finalized.