Indiana Mayors Against Illegal Guns Thank Senator Joe Donnelly

Indiana members of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition, including Mayor Tom Henry of Fort Wayne, released the following statement in response to Senator Joe Donnelly’s announcement of his support for background checks

“As mayors who are charged with ensuring the safety of our constituents, we applaud Senator Donnelly for supporting comprehensive and enforceable background checks for all gun sales. These checks are a commonsense measure that keep felons, domestic abusers, and other dangerous people from getting their hands on guns — and above all, they help save lives. The Senator’s support for background checks is yet another testament to the fact that even the most ardent supporters of the Second Amendment believe the right to bear arms comes with a responsibility to protect our children and our communities. We thank Senator Donnelly for his leadership on this critical issue, and we urge his fellow colleagues in Washington to follow suit.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns began airing ads in Indiana this week specifically calling on Senator Joe Donnelly and Senator Dan Coats to take action to pass commonsense gun reforms. Given Senator Donnelly’s support for background checks, his name will be removed from subsequent ads.  Ads will continue to air in key states during the Congressional recess.