Indiana mask mandate ends, but requirements don’t

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Indiana’s statewide mask mandate has officially become a mask advisory, but that doesn’t mean you can stop wearing one altogether.

Many local businesses, as well as major retailers, state and local government offices, and school facilities, are still requiring people to wear face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. There’s no word yet on how long that will be the case.

In the City of Fort Wayne, Mayor Tom Henry says local government buildings will require “masking up” until at least July 4th.

Event capacity limits have also been lifted at the statewide level, but many health officials are still recommending that events implement social distancing guidelines.

Officials with the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum say, for example, they will continue to enforce a facial covering requirement but add that capacity limits will be left up to the individual groups that utilize their facilities.


  1. This is the kind of schizophrenic nonsense that drives me nuts. Either lift the restrictions fully or not at all. The mask mandate is an “advisory” but is still required by most businesses? Based on what? This virus is either a threat or it’s not. Why don’t we let personal liberty prevail and let everyone decide their own risk? It’s obvious to me that those in power will keep this health excuse going to curtail freedoms for as long as they can…or at least until we the people say ENOUGH.

    • 100% agree. When will “masking up” ever end? The answer is it won’t. State of Emergency? That won’t end either, too much money involved. Until Hoosiers stand up together without fear and refuse to do it, none of this will end. I honestly don’t see that happening. Unfortunately, we aren’t free. That has become painfully obvious over the last year. Vaccine passports are next…not mandated by the governor but required by businesses.

  2. The comments are hilarious. Republicans(admittedly, not all of them) are all about allowing people to be refused service for their gender/sexuality but they freak out when stores ask them to wear masks(that they take off in the store anyway).

    By the way, masks are like clothes, but for your face. Honestly, if I have to wear footwear and shirts in a store then I am not going to complain about needing to wear a mask, too.

  3. In what universe is this what Republicans stand up for?
    I don’t know one Republican who thinks that about gender/sexuality that way. You must be thinking of all the rights the dems (admittedly,
    not all of them) have been trampling on……


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