Indiana Lions Club Members Yearn for Miniature Car’s Return

NASHVILLE, Ind. (AP): Members of a Lions Club chapter in southern Indiana are yearning for the return of the club's miniature car that's long been a star attraction in parades.

The miniature car belonging to the Brown County Lions Club was likely stolen in December from a storage trailer at the Olde Time Flea Market in Gnaw Bone.

Charley Placke, who's been a Lions Club member since 1978, says he'd “just like for it to show up.”

The missing open-air convertible has a tiny windshield, sports fancy spoke wheels and has the words “Brown County Lions Club” emblazed on its the sides.

Club members purchased the yellow and blue car in the mid-1950s as a way to raise money, and it became a favorite part of Nashville's Spring Blossom parade.