Indiana Leaders React To Latest ISIS Threat On Hoosier

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The group Islamic State is threatening to make Hoosier Peter Kassing their next target for beheading. 

The former Butler University student is mentioned as being the next victim of ISIS, in a string of beheading videos released by the Islamic State group.  U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity out of concerns of not having permission to release the information, confirmed that Peter Kassig is being held by Islamic State militants.

Indiana leaders are speaking out:

Governor Mike Pence said, “Our prayers are with Peter Kassig and his family during this unspeakably difficult time. I urge all Hoosiers to keep this compassionate young man and those who know and love him in their thoughts and prayers.”

Senator Joe Donnelly released the statement, “This is an unimaginably devastating situation for any parent to endure.  My prayers are with Peter’s parents at this terrible time.  My family, like everyone in Indiana and across our country, is praying for and thinking of Peter and his family.  I ask for respect of the Kassig family’s privacy as they seek to navigate this heartbreaking situation.  I ask all Hoosiers to continue to keep Peter in their thoughts and prayers in the days ahead.”

Senator Dan Coats also commented, “I ask all Hoosiers to join with me in prayer for Peter Kassig at this extraordinarily difficult time. I urge privacy for his family and join his loved ones in feeling profound anguish about Peter’s situation.”

A spokesperson for Kassig's family says he was abducted about a year ago, but the abduction had been kept quiet at the request of his captors.