Indiana Lawmakers Reactions To Tuesday Night State of The Union Address

("Indiana Statehouse" by Shawna Pierson, CC BY 2.0)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (NETWORK INDIANA):  President Joe Biden delivered his second State of the Union Address Tuesday evening, tackling topics such as immigration reform, Social Security, and more. Since then, Hoosier leaders have been responding to his speech.

Many Republican leaders believe that President Biden is not leading the country in the right direction, citing inflation, higher gas prices, and other challenges that have faced the nation in recent months.

Former Vice President and Indiana Governor Mike Pence Tweeted numerous thoughts about the State of the Union and President Biden’s leadership. He listed examples of “Joe Biden’s failed leadership at home” and “Joe Biden’s failed leadership abroad,” which included increased crime, an “all-encompassing left-wing culture war on American values,” and the “disastrous” removal of troops from Afghanistan.

Pence summarized his feelings by saying, “It is time for new Republican leadership to get our Nation back to the strength and prosperity we had under the Trump-Pence Administration.”

His brother, Congressman Greg Pence, seemed to agree with the former VP. He released a statement after the Address in which he made his opinions about the current Administration abundantly clear. He said, “Tonight, we heard the President once again lay blame with Republicans or use the Swamp’s sleight of hand to disguise the many failings of this Administration.”

Congressmen Jim Banks, Dr. Larry Bucshon, Jim Baird, and Rudy Yakym said more of the same. They mentioned high prices and concerns about the President’s presence on the international stage, with Congressmen Baird and Yakym also bringing the so-called “Chinese Spy Balloon” into the conversation. Congresswoman Erin Houchin seemed to be largely in agreement with them.

Senator Mike Braun expressed similar sentiments, Tweeting numerous messages within a short span of time. In these messages, he commented on various drug crises in the United States and the importance of securing the border. He also emphasized his issues with economic challenges such as federal spending and the national debt.

However, not all Hoosier leaders were opposed to President Biden’s speech, or the efforts he cited in it.

Representative André Carson referenced some of the Administration’s successes, such as the creation of millions of jobs and putting a cap on insulin costs for those on Medicare. He Tweeted, “It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican. We can all work together to get the job done.”

Current Secretary of Transportation and former Mayor of South Bend Pete Buttigieg was equally hopeful. He Tweeted, “We’ll build on this historic progress and finish the job so that no one is left behind.” He also praised the President for his Address, especially admiring his description of “so many wins from two years, many of them bipartisan.”

President Biden took the job in 2021 after a victory over former President Donald Trump. His time in office has been fraught with controversy, as Democrats and Republicans have often been at odds in regard to legislation. However, he remains hopeful, intending to achieve more of his vision for the country before his tenure ends.


  1. The sad fact is Joe Biden is NOT LEADING this country. He is a desiccated old fool that never had the capacity to lead anything except the line at the ice cream cone stand, or being first in line where the grift cash is handed out for the Big Guy. We are being “led” by a mafia don. The hecklers were right to do their deeds.

    The first thing a person needs to do to lead anything is recognize the correct situation as it is not as one thinks or wants it to be. Joe is failing on this. We want normal, Dopey King Xo the Chicom Agent Provocateur and Idiot from Brandonville wants CHAOS.

    We have 100,000 fentynal deaths directly attributed to our open southern border. Yet Biden and his clown car mouthpieces claim it is “Closed.”
    The list of failures is long and sordid. To an open southern border to the Chicom spy balloon and everything in between we have an unbelievable situation and our enemies, internal and external, are watching closely. There will be war before Biden can be thrown out of office. Your sons, daughters and grand-kids will be on the front line of that war. Sure hope they use the correct pronouns as they lay bleeding to death. That is, of course, if they can be coerced to join our military in the first place and if we haven; already sent too much war fighting material to Ukraine.

    P. S. Dopey Joe touts the public/private partnership. We have seen over the last few weeks just how that works when the social media moguls do the cancelling of American Citizens for their thoughts and speech the government cannot do directly


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