Indiana Lawmakers Override Pence on Local Tax Measure

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ Indiana lawmakers have handily reversed Gov. Mike Pence’s veto of a local tax measure.
  The House of Representatives voted 68-23 and the Senate voted 34-12 Wednesday afternoon to override Pence’s veto. Wednesday’s vote marked the first override of Pence.
  Pence wrote to lawmakers Monday asking them to sustain his veto of retroactively implementing local income taxes for Pulaski and Jackson counties. But Republican Senate President Pro Tem David Long and Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma pushed the override, saying the bill corrects a mistake by the state.
  Pence spokeswoman Christy Denault repeated the governor’s assertion that taxpayers should not pay taxes that “are not owed.” 
  The tax vote split along party lines in the House with Democrats siding with Pence and Republicans lining up behind Bosma in opposition.