Indiana Lawmakers Back Making Machine Gun Switches Illegal

Photo Supplied / Indiana Statehouse

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana lawmakers have endorsed a bill making it illegal for anyone to possess devices for adapting a firearm into a machine gun.

The state Senate voted 45-4 Monday in favor of the proposal expanding state law to include so-called Glock switches that are already illegal under federal law. Police officials say such switches can convert a semi-automatic gun into one that shoots continuously while the trigger is pressed, firing dozens of bullets within a few seconds.

Republican Sen. Aaron Freeman said such switches can be made on 3-D printers, endangering police officers and bystanders with “very little expense, with very little effort.”

The House voted last month to endorse a similar version of the bill. Democratic Rep. Mitch Gore, who is a Marion County sheriff’s department captain, said the switches are leaving officers outgunned in some confrontations.

Supporters said the broader state law was needed so local police don’t need to rely on federal prosecutors pressing charges in such cases. If approved, people with such gun switches could face felony charges under the state law making machine gun possession illegal.

The House and Senate still must agree on a final version to send the bill to Gov. Eric Holcomb for his consideration.


  1. These “switches” are already illegal. Most if not all stories I read about them being used in crimes tell the tale that the possessor is a convicted felon or a person under 21 who cannot own a pistol in the first place. Certainly they did not go through the BATFE machine gun background check to won them. Jut add a pile of laws on top of laws that are not being enforced anyway. That doesn’t seem to be real smart or effective in stopping crime.

    • Agreed. This coverage is, also, just a smokescreen attempting to convince Indiana voters our State politicians are doing something to help us. What is actually happening is they’re voting for socialistic type of health coverage and increasing our already high taxes. I was under the impression the Republicans were the majority in our State government. It’s hard to tell the difference anymore.

  2. Kind of shows the ignorance of the press.. I would rather be shot at by one of these than a standard semi automatic.. These “mag dump” the ammunition in around 1 second.. Odds of hitting what you are shooting at? kind of a joke…..

  3. Is this even a problem in Indiana? I haven’t heard of any news stories in Indiana where criminals are using “switches”.

    Chicago, yes, since that is a Leftist Utopia so they would have illegal switches there…but Indiana?


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