Indiana lawmakers address illegal and annoying calls from telemarketers

"Smartphone" by Hamza Butt, CC BY 2.0

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana lawmakers are looking for new ways to address illegal and unwanted telephone calls that are still plaguing residents despite the state’s telemarketing law.

The Journal Gazette reports there are 2.1 million phone numbers on Indiana’s “Do Not Call” list, which is stricter than the federal list.

Indiana saw immediate results when the law took effect in 2002, but advances in technology are allowing telemarketers to find loopholes. Some telemarketers now use “spoof” numbers to make it appear as if a call is coming from a local area.

Republican Rep. Jeff Ellington of Bloomington is preparing a bill for the 2019 legislative session that would increase fines for telemarketers.

He says Indiana needs to invest more to combat the issue he characterizes as an “intrusion on residential homes and businesses.”


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