Indiana kids’ well-being ranks higher than neighbor states

"children" by AwesomeSA, CC BY-ND 2.0

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – An annual report says the economic well-being of children living in Indiana is better than that of kids in neighboring states.

The national 2017 Kids Count Data Book by the Annie E. Casey Foundation was released Tuesday.

The book says the economic well-being of Indiana children raised to 19th place, five spots higher than last year.

In comparison, Ohio ranks 22nd; Illinois, 25th; Michigan, 31st; and Kentucky, 39th.

However, the report says that when it comes to the overall well-being of children, Indiana ranks 28th in the nation.

The report measures child well-being in four different areas: family and community, economic, education and health.

Indiana ranks 31st nationwide in the family and community area, 35th in health and 14th in education.


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