Indiana in Top Tier for Animal Protection

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): Indiana is in the top tier in an annual ranking of states with the best policies protecting animals. The report from the Animal League Defense Fund highlights which of the 50 states are serious about animal welfare, and Indiana ranked 15th. Staff attorney Lora Dunn says Indiana stands out as one of the few states where veterinarians are immune from civil liability when reporting animal cruelty and neglect:

“Veterinarians are often the only eyes and ears of animal abuse and neglect which so often occurs behind closed doors, so we really applaud Indiana for having such a law on the books.”

In addition, she notes, Indiana is among the 29 states with legislation allowing for animals to be included in protective orders in cases of domestic violence. Other Indiana policies prohibit animal fighting, cruelty, and abandonment. Illinois ranked first for the eighth year in a row, and Kentucky remained the worst state for the ninth consecutive year.