Indiana House Committee advances bill to curb meth production

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): A DeKalb County lawmaker’s attempt to curb meth production in Indiana has made it out of committee.

State Representative Ben Smaltz’s bill would give pharmacists more power over whether or not they can sell cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine to customers that may actually be meth cooks looking for that key ingredient.

If someone has a relationship on record with a pharmacy, they can buy pseudoephedrine without a prescription. If not, pharmacists can either require a prescription or try to sell them “tamper-resistant” pseudoephedrine, which works the same but is practically useless for making methamphetamine.

The bill (HB 1390), which now moves on to the full House, would also hold pharmacists accountable by requiring the state Board of Pharmacy to review them and discipline those who violate any rules.


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