Indiana House backs tougher rules for tobacco retailers

" Cigarette" by haprog, CC BY 2.0

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): Stores across Indiana would face tougher penalties for selling tobacco products to anyone under 21 under a bill endorsed by the Indiana House.

The additional penalties are part of a bill increasing Indiana’s minimum age for smoking and vaping from 18 to 21 to conform with a new federal law.

The proposal would boost the fine against a retailer for a first violation from a $200 maximum to a minimum of $500. A third violation within three years would carry a minimum $1,000 fine and a three-year loss of the store’s tobacco sales certificate.

House members voted 84-14 Tuesday for the bill. The Senate is considering its own bill.


  1. At some point, can’t people be responsible for making their own decisions? People know the risks of tobacco. And at what point are people considered an adult, 18? or 21? Perhaps we should adjust the driving age, voting age and Selective Service (minimum military service) age to 21?


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