Indiana health commissioner defends maskless wedding photo

(Photo Supplied/State of Indiana)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): Indiana’s health commissioner defended herself Monday against criticism arising from a photograph circulating on social media showing her not wearing a face mask during a wedding reception.

Dr. Kristina Box said in a statement that she “made an informed decision” to take off her mask while dancing or talking at a recent family wedding with guests fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Box said all but five people at the wedding were fully vaccinated.

Several social media comments called Box’s actions hypocritical as on Friday she said Indiana had reached “the darkest time in the pandemic” amid a surge in infections and hospitalizations and urged more people to get vaccination shots and wear masks.

The photo shows Box standing amid several people, none of whom are wearing masks.

Box said she stands by her statement that federal guidelines call for people to wear masks in indoor public places when in areas of “high or sustained transmission.”

“I continue to wear my mask in these settings and encourage Hoosiers to do the same,” Box said.

Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb apologized in May 2020 after posing for a photo with two people in which none of the three wore masks inside a Brown County restaurant, a day after recommending mask-wearing.


  1. These government health Nazis are all hypocritical bullies. Where are their studies that show masks even work? There is no such study,only less than educated guesses. I wore my mask once all the stores demanded it because I respected their right to control what happens on their property. Yet I still got Covid. Now my natural immunity is much better than any of the vaccines according to emerging studies. One study of natural immunity of Covid-1 show it lasted many years. Those T-cells just keep on replicating. Remember none of the new vaccines have any real track record for how long their artificial immunity lasts. Also these are shots not vaccines not much different than the generic annual flu shot. First we need one shot, then two, now three. Yet the immunity provided will not prevent Covid 19 nor necessarily keep you out of the hospital. My natural immunity may wane over time. But this health bully will not admit there is such a thing. Some of the universities are demanding shots of unapproved foreign shots yet will not recognize natural immunity. they are now in court deciding if they can take right away without due process. Taking a right to control your own body is suppose to be very hard not easy. Following the non working mask mandate is INSANE. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome is INSANE. We must think for ourselves and stop blindly following the so called experts. Makes you wonder when the social media moguls and politicians spend so much time and money silencing divergent opinions. Wake up Sheeple or you will be doomed to a life of serfdom along with your progeny rather than free American Citizens

  2. Why is it that people in charge are allowed to “made an informed decision”, but the rest of are not!

    THEY ARE ALL HYPOCRITICAL NAZIS! Don’t listen to any of them!!!!


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