Indiana health chief says COVID-19 still stressing hospitals

(Supplied/Indiana State Department of Health)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Ongoing resistance to COVID-19 vaccinations has Indiana’s top health official worried that trend could reduce the rate of immunizations for the flu and other diseases.

State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box said Wednesday that Indiana’s hospital system remained stressed even though the recent steep surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations has decline slightly over the past couple weeks.

Box spoke at a drive-through clinic near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where the state health department is offering free COVID-19 and flu vaccinations and COVID-19 testing.

Indiana has the country’s 14th lowest COVID-19 vaccination rate with about 48% of residents fully vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Box said Indiana’s COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths could rise again as they did during a major surge last winter and she urged more people to get the vaccine shots.

“I do have some concerns about that that this bleed off with COVID vaccines and the political nature that has surrounded that will then bleed off into other childhood vaccines and influenza vaccines that people tend to get on a yearly basis,” Box said.


  1. If you are too dumb to get vaccinated, stay out of the hospitals when you get sick. You made your choice for freedom. Live with your choice snowflake.

  2. Words of a loser, who has fallen for the biggest government scam ever. Empty hospitals, go check for yourself so empty there shutting down floors, then say hospitals are full. Who do u think u are, God, vile people like you will regret your actions, when it comes time to meet your maker.

  3. “stressing hospitals”….but not any specific “hospital” though. They can’t point to any stressed hospital, and if they do, you can call up that hospital and they will tell you “what covid patients?”

    This use of “hospital” is like the way Democrat Nazis’ use the word “Science”…its a buzz word for the Democrat sheep in an attempt to give their statement validity, but their “evidence” is often generic… full of lies and free from facts!!

    Just like some Nazi Morons that push “Vaccines” for everyone… Sure, it sounds good to the sheep, but broad brushing a treatment is fundamentally STUPID. And all those Nazis will do is LIE to get you to Comply even though the “vaccine” is not the right choice for everyone. The best part is when Nazis say “You made your choice for freedom”, and then want your freedom gone because of your free choice. Those people will never understand how Stupid they really are…but that’s a Nazi Democrat for you…

    Isn’t it strange that a good share of medical staff at many hospitals are avoiding the “Vaccine”? Not even those people will listen to the Nazis.


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