Indiana extends restaurant restrictions & announces job fair

(Photo Supplied/ State of Indiana)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO) Governor Eric Holcomb signed two executive orders today as Indiana continues to deal with COVID-19.

The first executive order extends restrictions keeping bars, restaurants and night clubs closed to dine in patrons until April 6 at midnight. They can continue carryout and delivery services.

The second executive order eases government operations that permit notaries to review and approve documents electronically.

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) will hold a virtual job fair for more than 1,000 construction and related positions at 10 a.m. ET on Thursday, April 16. To register for the INDOT Virtual Job Fair, go to

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education will offer free FAFSA filing this Saturday from 1-3. More information is on their Facebook Page.


  1. Shelter in place yet I leave all theses mom essential places open.whats the point.restaurants are not essential..factiries not making essentials should be closed..police fire medical n good.nit bars n restraunts.nonessential factories still running.herenin laporte.bars with food open people going on having drinks waiting.for food…..restaraunts open people going on to order n a watd of life to a cheese burger..mcdinalds is bout tell them stock up on food an STAY homem

  2. Why leave…shelter in place ya leave all open..restaurants thats food STAY HOME…let them keep.spreading the virus.cuz small busindss.gonna close they so open an govoner

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