Indiana enters Stage 5 of the Back on Track Plan effective Saturday


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): After a months-long process, and delays due to previously surging coronavirus numbers, Governor Eric Holcomb announced Wednesday, that Indiana will enter Stage 5 – or the final stage – of the Back on Track Plan.

This will allow bars and restaurants as well as indoor and outdoor venues to operate at full capacity, with social distancing observed. Additionally, gatherings of more than 500 people will be allowed with a safety plan submitted. Holcomb also said face coverings will be required until October 17th.

Restrictions at gyms and fitness centers have also been removed, allowing them to return to normal operations.


  1. How can restaurants be at full capacity if they still have to socially distance? Can someone explain that to me? And how exactly does this virus know not to attack you while you’re eating? I’m sorry, but I am a thinking human being and when I’m told I have to wear a mask to step inside a restaurant and when I exit, but not to eat, that tells me something. It tells me that this is one smart virus dictating nonsensical mask and socially distance orders.

  2. We went with out a mask for months , then all of a sudden you had to wear one..I am an older person with a high risk supposedly, but haven’t even had a cold! And I’ve been working and talking to a lot of people, still No Covid!!!!

  3. Hey, I know! Why don’t we all just get on with our lives, and if people get sick, they can go see a doctor and get treated. You know, like we have always done.

  4. Same here, Tina. I’m supposedly in the at-risk group. After the first two months of this thing, I stopped doing anything the “experts” said we had to do. I have a son who never stopped working. No one in the thousands of employees where he works took any precautions and no one got sick…and neither did we. Then Holcomb made masks mandatory and because my son works at a place where it isn’t practical, all the employees said NO. Still no one sick. I don’t even KNOW anyone who has been severely ill since the pandemic began, let alone died from it. It makes absolutely no sense to me why the vast majority of people have to have their lives upended for the small percentage of people who will die of this virus. The onus should be on them to take care of their own health and let everyone else live their lives.


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