Indiana Department of Education Submits No Child Left Behind Waiver Application

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): Monday afternoon the Indiana Department of Education submitted its No Child Left Behind waiver application to the United States Department of Education.

Indiana reached its deadline for seeking a waiver from No Child Left Behind law requirements Monday, June 30th. 

If granted, the waiver will allow greater flexibility for how Hoosier schools use federal education funds.

I am proud to submit this waiver request,” said Glenda Ritz, Indiana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction. “The request represents countless hours of work put in by the Indiana Department of Education. I want to thank my staff, as well as the staffs of Governor Pence, our legislative leadership, CCSSO and the United States Department of Education for their exceptional efforts during these last couple of months. Because of their work, I believe that Hoosier schools will have much needed flexibility over how they use some of their federal funding. Most importantly, this flexibility will improve education for our students.”

A decision is expected on the waiver by the end of July.