Indiana Department of Education Spokesman Releases Response to Governor’s Announcement

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): This afternoon, Daniel Altman, a spokesman for the Indiana Department of Education, issued the following statement in response to Governor Mike Pence’s announcement that the Indiana Center for Education and Career Innovation would partner with the Indiana Department of Education: 

“Partnerships require communication.  Unfortunately, Superintendent Ritz learned about the creation of this new agency through news reports, rather than from Governor Pence.  Superintendent Ritz has met with the Governor on many occasions, including as recently as two days ago.  However, neither he, nor his office, mentioned the creation of this new agency until this morning. 

“Superintendent Ritz remains committed to transforming Indiana’s K-12 education system into one of equity and high quality for all students and she looks forward to working with all Hoosiers to achieve that goal.  Last November, 1.3 million Hoosiers said that they trusted her to run the Department of Education.  Hoosiers students would be better off if the Governor would work with her, rather than around her on this vital issue.”