Indiana Department of Education Releases Online ISTEP+ Update

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): The Indiana Department of Education released a testing summary from the online administration of the ISTEP+ Friday afternoon.  The summary includes data from Thursday’s administration of the ISTEP+. 


According to the press release, 191,887 operational subtests were completed, statewide, on Thursday.  In addition, the testing system reached a peak concurrency of over 10,000 students at once.  Finally, there were no widespread issues and interruptions for students were minimal, with the interruption rate remaining less than 1%.


In addition, the Department is continuing to work proactively with any schools that do experience issues during testing.  The Office of Assessment is holding conference calls with testing coordinators daily and is continuously monitoring testing throughout the state.  Any school that does experience an issue is encouraged to submit a disruption report.  The ISTEP+ testing window runs through May 15.