Indiana Democrats Statement on Pence Decision on Same-Sex Marriage

Indiana Democrat Party Chairman John C. Zody response to Pence Decision to Close Door on Equality

“How predictable that Governor Pence refuses to recognize the hundreds of marriages that occurred after the court struck down our discriminatory same-sex marriage ban. For most newlyweds, they have time to enjoy their union and the creation of a new family.

Instead, the Attorney General stalled by providing foggy guidance in order for uncertainty to continue, giving the Pence Administration plenty of time to find legal loopholes to perpetuate the notion that our state's welcome mat should only be out for some – those who fall under his narrow notion of a Hoosier family.

Governor Pence is embarrassing our state by ignoring these families, creating an unwelcoming environment for those who want to call Indiana home. No Hoosier should be treated as a second-class citizen. What’s more, the Governor can’t even face Hoosiers himself to tell them he’s shutting the door on equality. He has to do it through a staffer.”