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INDIANAPOLIS (AP): Indiana Democrats saw their hopes for a resurgence dashed under the weight of Donald Trump’s landslide victory and Republicans gaining complete control of the state’s government.

The election low point casts doubt on former Sen. Evan Bayh and two-time gubernatorial candidate John Gregg as future candidates.

It also leaves them hamstrung as they face trying in two years to help re-elect U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly when he can expect to be targeted by national Republican groups.

Donnelly says Trump’s 19 percentage-point victory in Indiana was too much for Gregg and Bayh to overcome.

Some Indiana Democrats say the party needs to build its own base of support rather than running candidates who try to appeal to Republican voters.


  1. The Democrat Party is dying because it has become America’s Marxist-Fascist-Socialist party. That’s why Communist Party USA always endorses Democrats. Evan Bayh? A Washington, D.C. (District of Corruption) crook. John Gregg? An old time Democrat whose party has left him behind in its rush to embrace Marxist and Fascist forms of socialism, and to ignore law and the U.S. Constitution and change the character of America. The Democrat Party cannot recover.

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