Indiana Democrats ask Auditor’s Office to Release Schedule for Tim Berry

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): This afternoon, the Indiana Democratic Party asked the Office of State Auditor to release outgoing Auditor Tim Berry's schedule and e-mails for the time period when he served both as a statewide elected official and as Chair of the Indiana Republican Party.

The Indiana Democratic Party released the following:

Governor Mike Pence, who named Berry as Chair in late July, has not commented on the potential conflict of interest. Berry continued to be paid by taxpayers while “volunteering” to serve in the party boss role.

Pence accepted Berry's resignation yesterday, and the Governor appointed an interim State Auditor until Berry's replacement is sworn in on Monday.

“With the transition of leadership, we believe the taxpayers deserve to know that their money was spent appropriately while Mr. Berry was serving both as Auditor and party boss,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair John Zody. 

Zody cited recent news reports that former Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett and his staff were campaigning on state time using their official e-mail accounts. 

He also pointed to an incident earlier this year where a staffer for Secretary of State Connie Lawson used her official Twitter account to promote her political campaign.

“Hoosiers need to be able to trust that their elected officials are putting public service first and engaging in politics on their own time,” Zody said. “The integrity of our government depends on it.”