Indiana Broadcasters Respond to “Just IN”

INDIANA, (WOWO): Wednesday afternoon, officials with the Indiana Broadcasters Association issued the following press release in regards to the Governor's plans to launch a state-run news website called “Just In.”

Press Release: January 28, 2015 

The Indiana Broadcasters Association Board of Directors unanimously adopted the following statement in regards to the recent announcement by Governor Mike Pence that a state funded news outlet was being developed. 

In lieu of the Governor’s recent announcement of Just IN, the Indiana Broadcasters Association wants to convey the professional concerns of Indiana’s Radio and TV stations over the validity of a governmental office establishing what appears to be a news bureau which would exert governmental control over the news it generates. 

As radio and TV news reporters we clearly expect the state government to provide clear, unbiased information, through press secretaries, public information officers and other government officials clearly labeled as such and to do this without the use of taxpayer money. Moreover, our radio and TV outlets want assurance that information presented on this site can be thoroughly questioned through traditional interviews including all staff members related to the various releases that will be posted. 

It is clear to Indiana Broadcasters that a journalist’s job is to seek the truth and report it while the job of government is to shape and administer public policy. 

In the end, this is a First Amendment issue. The Indiana Broadcasters Association supports both the spirit and the letter of the First Amendment and nothing less .