Indiana abortion ban challenged under religious freedom law

"Courtroom Gavel" by Joe Gratz, public domain

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Opponents of Indiana’s ban on abortions filed a lawsuit Thursday arguing that it would violate the state’s religious freedom law that Republicans enacted seven years ago.

The lawsuit follows another one filed last week also challenging the abortion ban that’s scheduled to take effect Sept. 15. The Republican-dominated Legislature approved the new ban last month.

The lawsuit filed in Marion County court by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana on behalf of several anonymous residents and the group Hoosier Jews for Choice argues that the ban would violate their religious rights on when they believe abortion is acceptable.

Ken Falk, the ACLU of Indiana’s legal director, said in a statement that the religious-freedom law protects “all Hoosiers, not just those who practice Christianity.”

“The ban on abortion will substantially burden the exercise of religion by many Hoosiers who, under the new law, would be prevented from obtaining abortions, in conflict with their sincere religious beliefs,” Falk said.

Indiana’s religious freedom law sparked a national backlash after it was signed by then-Gov. Mike Pence in 2015 as opponents criticized it as allowing discrimination against gay people.

The state attorney general’s office and Republican legislative leaders didn’t immediately comment Thursday on the new lawsuit.

Indiana abortion clinic operators argued in a lawsuit filed last week that the abortion ban would violate the state constitution’s protections for privacy and equal privileges. No court rulings have been issued in that lawsuit.


  1. I’m sure the Jews for Choice won’t be found in the Synagogue on the Sabbath, so they will have extra time to drive to Illinois to kill innocent unborn humans.

  2. Once again the ACLU throws a dubious legal theory up against the wall to see if it will stick. The judge should immediately throw the case out. How is it a violation of any religious laws except the worshiping of Molech to ban the murder of an innocent third party, AKA a baby in the womb. The evil death cult is alive and well in Hoosierville. The Almighty does not look kindly on people who murder the innocent, especially babies. He expects us to respect life and not throw it wantonly away just for the convenience of ending an unwanted life. Then the mugwumps running this society wonder why there is so much violence going on ask them: “How do you expect the thugs to respect life when no one else does?” At this point EVERYONE knows when the sperm is inserted into the vagina there is a great possibility of connecting with an egg forming a new life. If that is not the wanted outcome then prevention is the way to do that rather than kill the results. If one wants to live a promiscuous life then why kill the result?

  3. The only religion that might be deterred by the new abortion law is the worshiping of Molech. Molech worshipers threw their babies into the fire kept burning the the belly of the large statue of Molech. Human sacrifice has been forbidden for quite a few years by now. Abortion is human sacrifice on the alter of no morality.

  4. ‘Hoosier Jews for Choice’ as a legitimate religion?…..sounds fishy and more like a political action group. LOL

    …Lets take a look:
    Hoosier – so limited to Indiana
    Jews – Known religion, but Definitely not Pro-Abortion
    Choice – pointing to a very specific issue within all one’s being of life, and the only difference to the well-established historical Religion…?

    Lets look them up:
    No website
    No information on the group
    No Church
    No events
    ONLY News articles on This Lawsuit

    Thanks again ACLU for being a FRAUD!!! You keep proving it over and over again…


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