IDOE releases Federal 2018-2019 School Accountability Ratings

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INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): The latest federal school accountability ratings for Indiana schools have been released.

Over 56% of high school and 53% of elementary and middle schools either met or exceeded expectations, according to the Indiana Department of Education.

Several schools within the Fort Wayne Community Schools district fell short, including South Side High School. The full report is below and can also be accessed here.

“I am proud of the work Indiana schools are doing to academically prepare our children for life beyond high school,” said State Superintendent Dr. Jennifer McCormick. “To better serve schools for future successes, however, it is important we develop a single modernized state-legislated accountability system that is fair, accurate, and transparent. Our kids, schools, teachers, and parents deserve it.”

Schools are rated by both the federal government and the state, but the state’s grades have been delayed so Indiana lawmakers can look at a so-called “hold harmless” bill that would allow poorly-performing schools to avoid punishment due to bad ILEARN test results.



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