Hurricane Harvey’s potential impact on Indiana weather

"GOES-16 Geocolor Image of Tropical Storm Harvey" by NOAAsatellites, Public Domain Mark 1.0

INDIANA (Network Indiana) – Hurricane Harvey is expected to be in Texas for several days, and may not have too much of an effect on Indiana’s weather. That’s because a cold front will get here before the remnants of the hurricane.

“It’s not really gonna have a direct impact on Indiana, but as we get into the middle half of next week, I know that seems like a long ways away, but that’s just how long Harvey’s going to stay across parts of Texas, we may start to see some showers from it. But, we won’t see the wind or the flooding rains,” said RTV6 Meteorologist Todd Klaassen.

He said the big factors are how long the hurricane stays over Texas and the impact a cold front coming through Indiana might have on keeping the remnants of the storm to the south.

“This storm system is going to stall across Texas. Some of the new model data is going to keep it across Texas until Tuesday.”

Klaassen said that’s bad news for them because it gives Texas several days of flooding, tropical rains.

“We’re going to have a front moving through, which will bring us a chance of showers and storms. That front goes through before the remnants of Harvey start to lift to the north. That is going to allow the remnants to get closer to Indiana. But if that front doesn’t come through quick enough, that’ll help to suppress Harvey down to the south and we really won’t see much of anything from Harvey itself,” said Klaassen.

That means you will have a beautiful weekend, with temperatures in the 70s to 80 on Sunday, and no effect from any of the hurricane at least through the beginning of next week.



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