Huntington Mayor Richard Strick says reaction to new COVID measures has been consistent

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (WOWO): Just before Thanksgiving, Huntington Mayor Richard Strick put new measures in place to help stem the rising number of coronavirus cases locally.

Strick told WOWO News that a big part of the added measures includes enhanced support for local businesses as well as residents. One of the major initiatives has been to help local bars and businesses expand outdoor seating. The city is helping with financing for outdoor heaters as well as shelters and even expanding seating into parking areas.

The city is also supplying new, more comfortable face masks to residents. Part of Huntington’s new measures includes a mandate for all residents to wear face coverings while in public areas.

Mayor Strick says that support of, and opposition to the new coronavirus measures has been about even.

One thing that makes them different is the City will have the option to fine individuals and businesses for failing to comply. Strick emphasized that police are not “counting cars in driveways” and are not out to get you. The fines would only kick in after a second warning by police, and he said police have a lot of discretion in whether or not to cite someone.

Fines begin at $25 and go up in 50 dollar increments for individuals. Businesses and organizations follow the same structure until they get to the 3rd level and beyond, where existing Department of Health non-compliance fine schedules are followed.

So far, there have been no warnings or citations issued for non-compliance to any businesses, organizations or individuals.

Measures will change, based upon the State’s coronavirus map.



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