Huge Hog Farm OK’d in White County

  MONTICELLO, Ind. (AP):  A northern Indiana county has approved plans for a 9,200-hog farm near a youth camp whose leaders worry the farm’s odors will impact life at the popular camp.
  The White County Commissioners approved a zoning petition Monday allowing for construction of two large hog barns near Camp Tecumseh.
  The vote followed two hours of testimony for and against local farmer John Erickson’s planned hog farm about a half-mile from the camp that’s about 20 miles north of Lafayette
  Camp Tecumseh CEO Scott Brosman told the commissioners he’s convinced the farm would cause water contamination or odors to waft over the 600-acre camp, impacting its outdoor activities.
  The YMCA-operated camp’s activities include camps for children with asthma, kidney troubles or who have suffered burns.