House Dems Reflect on Losses, Plan for 2015

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ House Democratic leaders took stock of their losses, even as they promised to press forward with their smallest group since 1973.
House Republicans added two seats to their supermajority in Tuesday's elections, despite fears they may lose their powerful supermajority. Democratic House Minority Leader Scott Pelath (PEE'-lath) said Democrats would find ways to work with Republicans on some issues and try to block them on others.
He cited Democrats' success in keeping a proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage off the November ballot as one example of the minority's power. But the Republican supermajority prevents Democratic walkouts like one they used successfully in 2011.
Pelath also announced that Indianapolis Rep. John Bartlett had been selected as the minority caucus chair, taking over the role for Indianapolis Rep. Vanessa Summers.