House Committee Approves Constitutional Amendment Limiting Right To Bail

Photo Supplied / Indiana Statehouse

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO):  The House committee approved on Wednesday two controversial changes to Indiana’s criminal justice system on, which include a resolution that would restrict Hoosiers’ right to bail. According to The Journal Gazette, the House Committee on Courts and Criminal Code also passed Senate Bill 284, which would create a procedure for appointing a special prosecutor in instances where a local prosecutor is deemed noncompliant.

After an amendment in the committee, Senate Joint Resolution 1 would direct judges to withhold bail if a prosecutor provides “clear and convincing evidence” that the accused poses a “substantial risk” to the public. Under the state’s current constitution, people accused of any crime other than murder or treason have a right to bail.


  1. Far too many criminals are let off on bail only to re-offend while on bail or home detention. Many are already convicted felons walking around with guns they cannot legally even touch. We have jails for a reason. That reason is to keep the anti-social (criminals) from the social (law-abiding). In the dozen or so most violent zip codes Soros based prosecutors refuse to do their job. They thing they were elected to reform the judicial system rather than obey their oath of office. If they want to reform the legislature they should run for a seat there rather than let criminals out to do their deeds. Thankfully Indiana has a legislature at the present time more concerned with the victims rather than the criminals. And no, I do not thin any criminal is justified because he or she believes themselves to be victims of society in any way.


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