Hoosiers Encouraged to Take Action During Preparedness Month

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): A time to educate and empower Hoosiers to prepare for and respond to all types of emergencies. The Indiana Department of Homeland Security says residents should take some simple steps to be more prepared for disasters like a winter storm, flooding, or a terrorist attack that could leave homes without electricity, heat, and clean water. 

Officials from IDHS recommend Hoosiers turn awareness into action and adopt the goal of being self-reliant for at least three days, in the event of a disaster or other type of emergency.

To start getting prepared today, follow these four steps:

Get a Kit

–          Make sure to have one gallon of water per person per day.

–          Stock non-perishable food that can last up to three days.

–          Include first aid supplies into preparedness kit.

Make a Plan

–          Create a family emergency plan in the event of a fire, tornado, flood or any other potential disaster.

Be Informed

Get Involved

–          Once you and your family are prepared for emergency situations, go out and teach someone about preparedness.