Hoosier Lottery on Pace for Record $945M Revenue

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ Higher Powerball ticket prices and bigger jackpots have helped Hoosier Lottery bring in more money this year.
  The Indianapolis Business Journal reports the five-member Hoosier Lottery Commission was told last week the revenue for the fiscal year ending Sunday will be about $945 million, up about 9.5 percent from last year’s record $855.6 million. But commission officials were told the net income increase won’t be as large at $227.6 million, increasing about $200,000 from last year.
  Lottery spokeswoman Stephanie McFarland said those numbers have not been confirmed and she could not comment until Monday.
  The lottery’s forecast predicts Powerball sales will hit $140.4 million, a 28-percent increase. In May alone, when the multi-state jackpot hit $590 million, Indiana sales were $22 million.