Hoosier Businesses Not Ringing in New Year with More Confidence

With 2013 fast approaching, confidence among members of the INdiana Business Council remains low. The most recent Indiana Business Confidence Index, a measure of the overall confidence business professionals and employees in the state have in their company’s opportunity for success in the next 12 months, is 59 percent, up slightly from its lowest point ever in October.
“There is plenty of uncertainty as we head into the next legislative session with a new governor and a new lineup in the Indiana House and Senate,” said Gerry Dick, president and co-founder of Grow INdiana Media Ventures LLC. “The clouds hanging over negotiations in Washington surrounding the so-called fiscal cliff are also bringing down the level of confidence.”
The most recent survey of INdiana Business Council members also focused on philanthropy and the findings include:

·There is a strong relationship between employee loyalty and philanthropy. Companies ranking high on the Corporate Philanthropy Index (CPI) also have significantly higher employee loyalty.

·Eighty percent of respondents feel their company does its fair share to help the community.

·Two-thirds admire the corporate culture of their company giving back to the community.