Holcomb Re-elected Indiana GOP State Chairman

Indiana Republican Party State Chairman Eric Holcomb was re-elected today during the first meeting of the State Central Committee following county and district re-organization. 

“It is an honor to continue serving the Indiana Republican Party as chairman.  I view this non-election year as the most important year in the four-year cycle.  This is the time when we invest and engage to ensure we have the best trained volunteers and supporters armed with facts to win the debate, so when the time comes to get-out-the-vote, we are ready,”
 Holcomb said.

 Governor Pence said, “A political party is not just about winning elections.  It’s about identifying quality candidates for public office, organizing at the local level, engaging the public, and offering a compelling vision of how to better our state in the years to come.  That’s why I asked Eric, and the entire Executive Committee, to remain at the helm of the Indiana Republican Party.  I have confidence in their integrity and the success of our entire Republican team under their leadership.”