Holcomb places new restrictions as he says Indiana “on fire” with COVID-19

(Supplied/Gov. Eric Holcomb)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): Governor Eric Holcomb has ordered all Indiana Hospitals to suspend all in-patient, elective surgeries as he says that “Indiana is on Fire” with COVID-19.

The order will be in effect from December 16 to January 3. Holcomb emphasized that serious medical conditions can and should still be treated, but all elective procedures will be suspended.

It’s a move to open more beds and relieve strain on the health care system and workers as demands due to COVID-19 continue to surge.

Holcomb also announced that there will be no exceptions to social gathering limits based on a county’s color code.  This means local health departments are no longer allowed to approve gatherings larger than the state limits.

Holcomb says Indiana’s statewide positivity rate is 14% with 3,200 Hoosiers hospitalized from COVID and that number grows by 400 patients per day.



  1. Holcomb is seriously endangered peoples lives and is taking no responsibility because of his political stance. We need leadership. We need to take this up with the courts. It’s gone too far.

  2. Oh grow up this not about rights. If someone spits on you you have them arrested for the possible transmission of aid if they pass aids knowingly the they go to jail. You should have the right to not wear a mask. We should be able to have you arrested and not let for fear of covid because you don’t care anyway

    • wellfirst of all you can not contract aids , but you can contract hiv. Also you can not contract it from someone spitting on you smart one. The rest of your comment then starts to make less sense after the first ignorant comment. Thanks Paul


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