Holcomb: another stay-at-home order not “off the table”

(Supplied/Gov. Eric Holcomb)

INDIANAPOLIS (Network Indiana): Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb says another statewide stay-at-home order is not “off the table,” if the coronavirus surges once again in the Hoosier State.

Speaking to WISH-TV on Sunday, Holcomb said that if the data shows it’s necessary, then he’ll do what he has to, adding that he believes the pushback on his statewide mask mandate is a natural reaction to being told what to do.

“Until we get to the day where we have a lot of therapeutics and a vaccine that’s effective, we’re gonna have to do the things that responsibly contain this,” Holcomb told WISH-TV host Phil Sanchez on “All Indiana Politics”.

Holcomb said he makes decisions based on data and had originally hoped Indiana would be in Stage 5 of the Back on Track plan by July. Instead, Stage 5 began just two weeks ago.

“Well, maybe it was wishful thinking and we were leaning to do everything we could. But, you don’t control this virus.”

Holcomb’s Democratic opponent in the Nov. 3, election, Dr. Woody Myers, has said he would be willing to shut the state down again. Holcomb said essentially the same.

“If the numbers dictate it, then we would have to. You wouldn’t take anything off the table if the numbers dictate it,” he said.

Responding to a question about the mask mandate, Holcomb said he believes there is fatigue over wearing masks in Indiana, but said it’s also all over the world.

“So, that’s just a natural kind of reaction to, what would I have to do,” he said. “And, we know it’s transmitted through the air and so, how do we reduce those odds?”

Holcomb stressed physical distancing and masks and not gathering in large groups.


  1. Holcomb doesn’t do anything by the data, he does it by how much money enters his own pockets. That’s why a huge and growing number of Republicans are voting for Donald Rainwater this year. We’re tired of not being listened to by a corrupt dictator. We’re tired of Governor Holcomb making unilateral moves and decisions (6 Republican Representatives wrote a letter in July asking Governor Holcomb to call a special session of the General Assembly, and Holcomb ignored it to make the coronavirus decisions on his own, while taking advice from Indiana’s top Covid-19 doctor–a gynecologist). If you value freedom and liberty, true conservative values, and less government…it’s time to vote for Donald Rainwater for Governor of Indiana. It’s time to give Indiana back to Hoosiers.

    • So, Some Republicans are willing to put aside the pro-life because of having to wear a mask? Doesn’t sound like a true Republican to me. Pro-life is always first and foremost to me and if I have to wear a mask to try and save a unborn child, then I will. Also, I’m not too sure how I feel about legalize cannibas. I have to stay true to be conservative and Christian Republican beliefs.

      • “The pro-life” as you put it has absolutely nothing to do with anything. N95 masks are the only masks that protect against airborne viruses. The masks that most people are wearing do basically nothing, simply covering your mouth with your hand when you cough or sneeze has exactly the same effect as the mask. These mask mandates are just an attempt by politicians like Holcomb to cover their butt because they’re afraid of being blamed by idiots like you for something that no one has control over. It’s a virus!

    • I voted for Woody Myers because I’m sick of Indiana’s leadership not taking this seriously. Holcomb says we might need another stay at home order? Praise God, the second-to-last horse finally crosses the finish line. At least he’s better than Rainwater, but how long do we have to deal with this before we actually do the intelligent thing?

  2. Im so sick dishonest media. Media that are deliberately not reporting on the other opponent of Holcomb. Vote Donald Rainwater !!!

      • Darrin,

        I am getting sick of the “by our affiliate” cop-out. WOWO is ultimately responsible for the content that is distributed on your website and 107.5/1190.

        Also, Did you know that I can heard 105.1 all the way to Rochester, but WOWO ends at the Allen County Line….? and in the evening, WOWO is drowned out by another similar frequency radio station (hip-hop) not from around here (north of New Haven)…?

  3. Here’s my two cents for what it’s worth. This virus is no more deadly than the seasonal flu. That fact has been already proven. Now that we are headed back into the “Flu” season, all the “Flu” cases (Swine Flu, Bird Flu, H1N1, H1N2, Et Al) will be counted as COVID-19 because there’s money to be made in numbers. I can literally count on one hand the times that I have worn a mask. I haven’t been sick with the flu during this whole “Pandemic” and quite honestly I don’t think the majority of the cases that are being reported are true. Most of the people that are being tested are asymptomatic and never were sick. If you got sick this year, I’m sorry, but its a fact of life. We all can get sick and honestly it’s sometimes a good thing to help boost our immune system. We CANNOT hide from this virus any longer! Quit being afraid! Open the State of Indiana back up! Let’s get these businesses back open and without these stupid, useless masks!!!

    • So…you don’t want another stay-at-home order (as none of us do) but you also call masks useless and are not wiling to wear one.

      See the irony/contradiction in all of that? I assume you don’t, sadly; but it’s heavy, to say the least.

      Wearing a mask is not hiding from this virus; it’s being a responsible human being who cares about protecting those around them (especially those who could be more vulnerable than you and your apparently ironclad immune system) in case someone ends up getting the virus and especially if they are asymptomatic and have no idea until they’ve already exposed plenty of others to it by the time they find out. Hell, look at what just happened in the White House and, if all people acted that irresponsibly and didn’t take the virus seriously, it’d be multiplied significantly and would be exponentially worse.

      Also, my co-sister-in-law just contracted the virus for a second time and she is not feeble, overweight, or really at a higher risk than anyone else, typically; so much for herd immunity saving us all as that’s not going to happen and most likely isn’t possible given people are contracting it a second time. The only thing that’s going to end this pandemic is a well-tested and effective vaccine; until then, all people can do is what is realistically able to be done; in this case, it’s pretty much just wear a mask and social distance whenever possible.

      Your comments contradict themselves; you can’t be anti-mask and also upset if another stay-at-home order is necessary; you are literally part of the problem leading to why another stay-at-home order could be necessary.

      Get off your high horse about your own immune system and try to care about others around you.

      • Ryan, you must be a Millennial (or younger) since your comments are clearly geared towards socialism. You must not believe in personal responsibility/accountability if you put the ownership on everyone else and think the Government has the authority to override the Constitution. Sad that so many young people are not aware of their God Given Rights and not even read the Constitution. Also sad that they don’t teach young people critical thinking anymore.

        “High Horse” accurately describes the nature of your comments. You can be both “anti-mask” and upset with a “stay-at-home order” if you believe in the Rights of an individual. Are you a grown-up?.. Adult?.. Can make decisions you think is best for you and your family? You must NOT be if you need the Government to tell you how to live your life. All of the businesses that were shut down deemed “non-essential”, you better believe those business owners think that they were essential to take care of their families and their lives.

        It is each person’s responsibility to take ownership of one’s own health. If Kirk feels that he doesn’t need to wear a mask because he has a strong immune system, who the hell are you (or even Holcomb) to tell him that he’s wrong?

        Notice that masks weren’t used for several months after Covid hit the news? Why now? There was good information early on and there’s no mystery here. I know people that were asymptomatic and people that have died from it and even an Aunt that works in the “covid wing” at the hospital. This virus is easily comparable to the Flu! If you are at-risk or have the fear, take the precautions. If YOU feel you need to wear a mask, wear a mask.

        Speaking of heard immunity….a significant amount of the population will need to have contracted the virus to achieve heard immunity but we aren’t there yet….Notice that the infection rate is up, but the death rate is virtually flat?…All the data points lead towards heard immunity. And perhaps your “co-sister-in-law” with the re-infection was a special case, not covid one of the times, or just flat out Lying, But the data speaks for itself.

        Go learn to think for yourself

      • All I am going to say is this: Freedom is not a right, it is privilege. We have way too many people in this country that have this sense of entitlement to what they think they believe in. And that everyone is entitled to their opinion as well. They can’t be bothered by science & medical facts. Isn’t that right Rocky and Kirk? You can’t be bothered with factual information can you? It is an infringement on your rights, am I right? I mean why do the right thing when you two and those that are in the minority like yourselves, want to do the wrong thing because you believe it is a violation of your rights. Get over yourselves!!! Get over your arrogance and ignorance. Masks save lives. Proven FACT. Trump, your lord and savior, infected @ least 34 people in the White House. PROVEN FACT. Also, stop spewing that it’s just like the FLU. No, captain obvious, it isn’t. It is a respiratory infection. Do you understand this? It’s called CoVid19 because it is in fact not the Flu.

        Finally, and this takes aim directly at Rocky. Are you F$&@?!& kidding me that you are going to say that someone is lying regarding this despicable disease? Are you that much lower than dog sh$&? Perhaps you need a more detailed lesson on how to be human and humane… than again this asking you to think for yourself, which apparently, as proven, is impossible.

        The facts are we have been led into a fiery pit of hell by a disastrous, ignorant, racist, abhorrent, disgusting and inhuman beast known as Trump. We have opened our economy because that’s the only thing that has mattered to any of his sheep. Filling their pockets. Of course we are going to get money, 1200 wasn’t it? So we can make the rich not miss a dime. None, and I mean NONE, of the people who support him or that disgrace of a human that sits in the office actually cares about anything other than themselves. It’s written everywhere, Rocky and Kirk are just two prime examples of it.

        I say that updates are needed to our constitution. Updates are needed to all of our antiquated documents to reflect a new world and a new society. It’s time that progression and progressive actions take effect and dissolve the hateful, disgusting, entitled crazy of once before.

        I am so glad I have been able think for myself….thanks for the advice Rocky!

        • Reading your angry response, All I can say is You Poor Soul!! All you can do is continue to soak up the hate and fear, eliminating the possibility for a logical argument, since nothing in response is a Fact.

          Paragraph 1: “Freedom is not a right, it is privilege” …sometimes a comment is so stupid it’s not worth the effort. Please do your own research. “It’s called CoVid19 because it is in fact not the Flu”…Actually I would make my same previous comment, but Covid19 is named that because its a type of coronavirus discovered in 2019…both the Flu and Covid19 are respiratory illnesses. Some common colds are a type of coronavirus. I never said it was the Flu, I said it was COMPARABLE to the flu.

          Paragraph 2: “to say that someone is lying regarding this despicable disease”…So I should just automatically conclude that everything anybody says online is telling the truth and not have an agenda or trying to better their argument? That’s right, I’m not a human just because of that. LOL Pathetic

          Paragraph 3: You must really be entrenched in Pop culture and mainstream media if you are going to rope President Trump into this chat. The simple fact (your comments being the proof) is that all of your rambling Democrat talking points is really tiring, especially since your Democrat Party was founded by the southern white slave owners of the south (from the kkk), and the Republican party was founded to the opposition to the expansion of slavery. You think Republicans are the party in the pockets of the Rich?…so why are Hollywood and multibillionaires in the pockets of Democrats? LOL your comment doesn’t even pass the sniff test

          Paragraph 4:”new world and a new society”..to what, Socialism/ communism? LOL name 1 society since the beginning of time that successfully functioned as a Socialism/Communism government (google the definition if you don’t know what they are. LOL). “hateful, disgusting” is exactly what you will get in a “new world” of Socialism/Communism. “ENTITLED” YES!!!!, why should I not be entitled to make decisions about MY LIFE and my family’s, and who the hell are you to tell me otherwise? America already fought that war, and will be happy to fight it again!

          Paragraph 5: “think for myself”…are you sure that’s what those comments reflect. Sounds like years of indoctrination to me.

          Here’s a couple notables: Google: Joe Biden’s 2010 eulogy for Robert Byrd (KKK member, fellow Democrat, and friend of the Clintons). Democrats Love to suppress “minorities” and blame it on Republicans. Google: Jim Crow Laws: “Democrats took over power in Southern legislatures and used intimidation tactics to suppress black voters”….. How about all these Cities burning to the ground in the name of systematic racism that have been run by Democrats for the last 50+ years. If Democrats are the anti-racists, why are these Cities full of racists?…. AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON….

          Please go back to school, learn some history, and the Racist Democrat Party you support.

    • You can look it up yourself to cross-reference this, but this link is a study that shows at tops an estimated 850k deaths globally related to Influenza.


      Currently since the outbreak began in December to now (10 months, not even a year yet), we have 1.04M deaths globally from Covid as of today. The key difference is those Flu numbers have no social distancing, masks, etc., since it wasn’t a thing then; while the Covid numbers account for all the measures that have taken place to combat the virus. That number easily could have been 2-3x higher or more had we done nothing.

      If you’re going to say something is a fact, back it up.

      • Hi Jordan, you must have missed the several news stories from different States over the last 10 months reporting what qualifies as a Covid Death, and other associated false reporting. And they can take all the inflated numbers and package them into a nice little Fear story for the media.

        But that’s fine, You can point to some website that received their numbers from somewhere else, that received their numbers from somewhere else and claim it to be FACT….go ahead, don’t think for yourself, take it at face value and believe everything they tell you. I’m sure they’re motives are pure…. after all, it is an election year

  4. Our citizens cannot afford another shut down!!! Some people still haven’t received their unemployment from the last shut down! We cannot let this happen again! We NEED to vote Holcomb out!!! Holcomb is destroying small businesses, some have already closed their doors permanently! We need Rainwater in office now more than ever! Vote for Donald Rainwater! #rainwater for Indiana governor.

  5. Really and how is that working for your reelection? You pos! You have made a lot of mistakes ! And now I hear your going to destroy the vaping industry again! How much did big tobacco contribute to your campaign?

  6. “pushback on his statewide mask mandate is a natural reaction to being told what to do”…..NO !!!!!
    …the PUSHBACK is a reaction to being outraged that some people (Indiana Reps and business owners) are going along with your “ORDER” as if you can over-ride the US Constitution and give orders as to how private citizens MUST live their life.

    >>> I <<<< own the RIGHT to my safety and security and am solely responsible for it as a private citizen. NOT the Government. The Government can not protect anyone from a virus no matter what claims HE makes …..remember "FLATTEN the curve" that happened 4 months ago??

    Where is the rest of the Indiana Government, or is Holcomb is the entire Indiana Government? Go to H3ll Dictator Holcomb. I will not abide by your "order" just like I didn't the 1st time nor should anyone else.

    Also, will be voting Libertarian for the 1st time ever.

    • I want to focus on something that is stated very routinely by many people across the country. It raises some concerning red flags. My concern stems from the fact that many are stuck on this “I own the right to _______*fill in the blank* because the constitution says so” idea. In the case we are discussing, you feel that you have the constitutional right to make decisions about your health and your body. In one sense, you are correct. You do have an autonomous control to make decisions regarding your body and health and what happens to you from a physical and health standpoint. Unfortunately, for many, the logic stops there. The constitution does not give you the right to dictate what happens to the health of another American.

      Take a mental step back for a moment and hear me out. You have made clear that you believe that you should not have to wear a mask if YOU choose not to wear a mask, because that choice is your right to make. The governments of the world have said otherwise, which creates a point of contention. I encourage you to go and read, to start, The Declaration of Independence. You will find it clearly stated that a government should be setup to ensure the safety of the people. Safety being the word to focus on here. Are you familiar with the term “Police Powers”? If not I encourage you to read up on it, as it is actually quite fascinating. Essentially, the constitution, that you and many others so frequently reference, gives the states, including the state of IN, the right to enact this ‘Police Power”. This “Police Power” comes from the 10th Amendment of the U.S Constitution, “The powers NOT delegated to the United States by the Constitution” are to go to the states first, then the people if the power does not become delegated to the state.

      Justice John Marshall Harlan, a Republican Supreme Court Justice (from Kentucky by the way, and also the leader of the Republican party at the time) wrote for a 7-2 majority that, “The Constitution does not impart an absolute right in each person to be, at all times and in all circumstances, wholly freed from restraint.” Instead, he plainly states, “a community has the right to protect itself against an epidemic.” the community members, he continues, “may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand.”. A mask, as much as you may hate it, is a reasonable regulation that safety “may” demand. It does not call for absolute certainty, as the word “may” does not dictate it.

      Courts have upheld this idea on many occasions. In a 1905 case, Jacobsen vs. Massachusetts, the Supreme Court upheld and allowed the enforcement of a MANDATORY smallpox vaccination. In more recent case in 1995, The City of New York v. Antoinette R, the courts upheld that any person with active Tuberculosis could be forcibly detained and isolated to receive treatment. I would like to point out that the Mayor of New York City at this time that followed through with enforcing this was none other than Mr. Rudolph “Rudy” Giuliani. So, if public safety “may” demand it, we know that it has been approved by the courts that we as citizens can be forcibly detained to receive medical treatment. Why is a mask so bad again? Anyhow, moving on.

      Wearing a mask, although you may not feel this way, is not about you. It is in all truth and honesty selfish to think that the mandate is about only you. The mandate is a reasonable regulation that our safety “may” demand. Also, it is important to note that the mask is not simply for your safety, but the safety of others. The mask is primarily to keep you from spreading the airborne droplets that can infect others with COVID.

      You believe that you should be able to go where you please without the use of a mask to go about your daily life as your rights as an American demand it. Okay, I understand. Let us play out a scenario then.

      You wake up and decide to run to the grocery to get a few things. You’re feeling pretty good, just a bit of a sore throat. You watched the game with a few friends 2 days ago though so it is probably just sore from yelling. You go the grocery and, because you disagree with it, do not wear a mask. There are not enough staff members to stand at the entrances and force people to wear a mask so you just walk on in. You come in close contact with a multitude of people during this grocery visit, most notably a friend from work. You chat for a bit and then move on to finish up your trip. You check out, get told that you need to wear a mask next time, and head home. ——- Your work friend goes home, the following day she goes and visits her parents, 62 and 65. They have lunch together at home and talk about an old family vacation. A week later her parents both do not feel well and have been having a hard time getting a full breath. Your work friend takes them to the hospital ER where they are both diagnosed as COVID+. Her parents don’t leave the house. She has their groceries delivered, she takes care of errands for them and tries her hardest to take care of them on top of her own family as both of her parents have some health problems. She knows this, so she gets tested and comes out positive. Both of her parents, for safety, are admitted into the hospital to receive treatment. Both of them after several days end up on ventilators due to the rapid decline of their health. Her father, 6 days after coming to the ER, passes away. Her mother has not been woken yet and remains on the ventilator. The doctor says she could pull through but it will be awhile until she is stable enough to remove from the ventilator.

      On that trip to the grocery, your minor sore throat was you being COVID+. You are younger and take relatively good care of your body, so it did not impact you much more than just that sore throat. You had no idea. Your friend got COVID from her chance run-in with you. 9 others at the grocery store got COVID from you. All 9 of those spread it to their immediate families, including parents. In addition to your friends father, 5 others died due to this initial maskless encounter from carriers that did not know they were carrying a virus that care from your carelessness. 6 people dead because you think a mask takes away your freedom. Who gave you that power? No one did.

      However, by your logic that power IS your right to decide to hold. Going off of that, if I catch a highly contagious virus with an 80% mortality rate, I should be able to go the grocery store with total disregard for those around me. Not wearing a mask, touching common areas and talking with folks I have never met. Essentially guarenteeing the deaths of 8/10 people that I spread it to. It’s my right, right? No. It is not, and more people need to understand that. You do not have the right to get me sick. You do not have the right to get my wife sick. You do not have the right to get my mother sick. You do not have the right to get my father sick. You do not have that right, under any circumstance, for any reason. We are all Americans. We are all human beings. We all are tired. We all are angry. We all are scared. However, we all need to stop bickering and start coming together in a unified manner to actually move forward. Sacrifices will need to be made for the greater good. If that means you have to wear a mask so you don’t get the old lady at the gas station sick, then so be it! You are no more important than anyone else, and no one is more important than you. THAT is freedom. THAT is liberty.

      In closing, I hope that you begin to see the world through a lens of humanity instead of politics. I hope everyone does. We need to support one another and stop fighting over something this silly. Remember, the courts said we could be forcibly detained to receive medical treatment in 1995 under a firmly republican mayor, yet here we are today without that happening. So stop being afraid of the government taking your freedoms and start caring for those that need it.

      “Love your neighbor as you want to be loved.”

      • This is a very well put together comment. I came here to say the same thing, although not in such an intelligent, and inoffensive manner.

  7. Youre going to be off the table soon enough. You have zero authority to have done the acts you’ve done.
    Rainwater will replace you.


  9. Friend of China Holcomb has seen his opportunity to strike another blow for his bosses. Everybody with normal cognizance predicted it last Friday. This tyrant and his scamdemic team are clearly working for someone other than the people of Indiana. They think we don’t know the score. They’re wrong. #voterainwater

  10. Everyone can be like Wabash and not pay attention to him….it’s about time we stand up to him. I don’t wear a mask, and only stopped my life when he shut down restaurants. I started back to them as soon as he opened it back up. And what he is doing to our poor children is horrible!!

  11. Is he clueless that his ignorance will cost him the election? He’s so into making people wear masks that he would rather lose than do what’s right?

    • Do we still have fair elections? Do you get a receipt? How come we don’t get receipts for our elections? We should get a receipt with a number on it, we should then be able to go online and find our number to ensure it says who we actually voted for and then everyone else can see it too. Please Rainwater win, you have my vote.

  12. I bet you dont wear a mask any time any other viruses or the seasonal flu is around. I guarantee that this is the first time you are wearing a mask due to a virus or any other pathogen. If you so called cared about the well being of other people than you would have been wearing one everytime flu season is here. But since the media has told you to wear one this time, you obeyed. And I guarantee that as soon as this virus is gone you will never be seen with a mask again

  13. So let me get this straight. Holcomb is thinking of extending the mask mandate because cases are still going up after having the mask mandate? Why would that be if they work? He’s also saying another lockdown is not off the table, even though the CDC says those were a mistake. I’ll tell you the fastest way to get rid of masks and/or lockdowns: no politician who takes paychecks away from any business should get one either. Done!

  14. Well, based on the comments about “it’s against my god-given rights to wear a mask,” we have no fear about this generation being known as “the greatest generation.” To me, wearing a mask to promote the health of others is a small sacrifice, absolutely nothing like previous generations had to endure to promote the general welfare.


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