Help Clean Up Allen County Parks

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Your help is needed to stop an invasion.

A plant invasion that is. And its happening at a couple Allen County Parks. That's where the invasive honeysuckle bushes are causing problems for wildflowers and young tree saplings.

There are a couple ways to help. One is to get your leather gloves, long sleeves and pants and eye protection and head on out to Metea Park or Fox Island to help drag out cut plants. And if you are extra eager, you can bring your own equipment to chop down the bushes.

Your reward is knowing you are helping make the parks healthier and more attractive. But if you needed something to sweeten the deal. They are offering a free annual pass for those who volunteer at Fox Island or Metea Park. 

Here's more detail on the clean-up dates

When and Where:

October 27 & 28, Monday & Tuesday at FOX ISLAND COUNTY PARK, 7324 Yohne Rd., 46809, 10am-4pm

November 3 & 4, Monday & Tuesday at METEA COUNTY PARK, 8401 Union Chapel Rd., 46845, 10am-4pm

What to wear:
Leather gloves
Long sleeves/pants
Eye protective sunglasses

What to bring:
Spin-trimmers with blades

**Using equipment is at your own risk, and Allen County cannot replace equipment.