Hedrick’s Hearing Under Way In Indianapolis

The hearing for Dr. William Hedrick, the Fort Wayne doctor accused of dangerous prescription practices, is underway in Indianapolis. The state accuses Dr. Hedrick, of the Centers for Pain Relief, of dangerous prescribing behaviors, leading to seven patient deaths.

According to our partners in news at 21 Alive, The Indiana Medical Licensing Board is hearing evidence from The State’s Attorney General Office.

The state is using a pain management doctor to establish an appropriate standard of care in this specialty. That same doctor is also reviewing the charts of the seven deceased patients to determine what proper care would be for those patients.

That is coming with many objections by Dr Hedrick’s attorney. Dr Hedrick’s lawyer argues the patients being referred to we’re treated in 2010 and feels, the standard of care was different, at that time.

Multiple witnesses are expected to testify today including Dr. Hedrick. This case is expected to last several hours, but since this board meets only once a month it’s likely a final decision will be made in this case today.