Health agency in Indianapolis urges wearing masks indoors


INDIANAPOLIS (AP): The Marion County Public Health Department recommended Tuesday that all residents of the county including Indianapolis wear masks in indoor public spaces, regardless of vaccination status.

The department said the recommendation was “especially important for those who are, or who live with someone who is, at higher risk for complications from COVID-19.”

The recommendation came after the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made a similar recommendation, citing a rise in cases and waning vaccination rates and revising guidance issued by the agency in May.

The department said, “vaccination remains our most powerful tool against COVID-19, and masks provide an extra layer of protection.” It urged all eligible residents ages 12 and up to walk-in to a nearby COVID-19 vaccine clinic and get vaccinated.

“COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective at preventing severe illness and hospitalization and lessen the risk of death from COVID by nearly 100-fold. In fact, from January through mid-July, only roughly 1.5% of those hospitalized with COVID in Marion County were fully vaccinated,” the health department said.


  1. What goes on with these government paid Obervaxenführer’s?

    Do the vaccines they are pushing work or not?

    If you are vaccinated or have immunity by recovery why wear a mask???? By the way, recent studies show that immunity by recovery is 500 to 600 times more robust than the vaccines.

    Once these un-elected officials get a taste of power by tyranny they do not want to let it go. Their elected bosses MUST keep the fear going to gain even more power over THE PEOPLE!

  2. I like Kayla’s quote this morning on WOWO:

    “If you can question it, it’s science”
    “If you can’t question it, it’s propaganda”


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